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"Blue" climbed a mountain in the Adirondaks


Kris and "Blue"

Owner: Kris

Blue came to the family on April 19, 2002 when she was about 5 months old. I got her through a local rescue organization. She had been brought to the pound by a breeder because she was "defective." HA! Her back left leg ends at the knee, but since it's been like that from birth she has no idea it's supposed to slow her down. They said she's a bichon/poodle mix (we call her a poochon) and it seems that she is part toy poodle because she has never gotten very big.

That first summer we took the beginning obedience class with Greenbelt Dog Training and Blue did so well that she got the highest marks in the class on her final exam. At that point she was still young and growing. She was good at ups - up the stairs, up the mountain, up onto my lap - but not so good at downs. Now that she's grown up and filled out and there is nothing she can't do. We started outdoor intermediate class after being away from the basic course for about two years. At first we thought that the uneven grass might be a problem -- it was not. We thought that she could not jump threw the agility jumps easily -- she did. By the end of the first lesson she was jumping, weaving, and tunneling her little heart out.

Her training instructor, Allie Lee, also thinks that Blue would make an excellent therapy dog and be an inspiration to everyone who meets her. At the end of her first Intermediate class, the group of admirers decided that there is definitely one thing that Blue cannot do, and that is that Blue cannot make anyone who sees her unhappy to know her.