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M.J. & "Bocce"
Lost Dog & Cat Rescue Foundation

Bocce's story

Owners: MJ & Maurice


When we decided to get another dog in January 2002 (our golden retriever got cancer and we had to put him down in June 2001) we were set on getting a yellow lab puppy. We called a few places that advertised puppies, but also investigated some of the dog rescue organizations. We realized that the rescue organizations often had puppies, so if we really wanted a puppy, we could wait until some labs appeared and get one that did not have a home. The more we tracked the rescue organizations on the web, the more we realized that they do a good job of figuring out each dog's personality and that we would be able to get the kind of dog we were looking for because of the great work the rescue volunteers do. We also saw that most of the dogs available were young adults, many of them housebroken, and that appealed to us because we knew it would be difficult to housetrain a puppy because both of us work outside the home.

We started to go to some of the "Adoption Days" held at local pet stores by various rescue organizations. We really liked the people at LOST DOG RESCUE FOUNDATION (LRDF). We spotted Bocce (aka "Norman") on our 3rd visit to an Adoption Day. The Adoption Days are little strange because there are so many dogs and people and a strange environment, that many of the dogs are skittish and/or barking and nervous. Bocce seemed very friendly and trusting. We walked him around in the parking lot and he seemed comfortable with us, so we signed a "foster home agreement" that said we could bring him back in 2 weeks if he didn't work out.

He had been turned in to a shelter in Luray, VA in November 2001. Apparently he was too active for his elderly owner. The shelter is small, with little room to keep dogs, so dogs are not kept there long. Luckily, the LDRF has contacts there that let them know if they receive a dog that is well socialized and a good candidate for adoption. He was one of them. LDRF went and got him, had him neutered, and he lived in a kennel and was brought to adoption days in early 2002, where we found him.

He has worked out great! He is still somewhat of a puppy (between 1-2 years old is all we know), so he has had some chewing mishaps, but as long as he has a toy he sticks to that instead of any valuables. Bringing him to Greenbelt Dog Training significantly improved his behavior (he really pulled on his leash when we first got him, and we had to use a pinch collar with him, but a few lessons with Allie and now we just use a regular training collar). He passed the Beginning Obedience class, and now is in the Intermediate class. He is a wonderful pet. It is hard to believe that his previous owners gave him up. Rescuing a dog can be a very rewarding experience.