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Joni & "Calvin"

Calvin's story

Owner: Joni
A Volunteer with a local rescue organization

Calvin, a boxer puppy, had a difficult start in life. By the time Calvin was four months old, he had been given away to three different homes. Calvin only wanted a family to love but no one had the time, patience or determination to care for a puppy. As a volunteer, I learned about the unwanted puppy. The "owners" were persuaded to relinquish him to the rescue group. I was contacted by the group (they know I love boxers) and in January 2002, I adopted Calvin. He was very shy and was hesitant about trusting new people. He had no training in his previous homes. I knew that obedience training was necessary and that it would help him to bond with me.

Now 8 months old, Calvin and I just completed Basic Obedience Class with Greenbelt Dog Training. Allie Lee uses positive training techniques such as gentle correction, kind voice and soft touch. Allie took time to answer all of my questions and to help me work through Calvin's behavioral problems. In fact, Allie paid attention to each dog and "parent's" specific training needs.

Calvin has mastered his basic obedience skills. He is still learning to trust people. But now he knows that he is in a permanent home with a loving family. I am very lucky to have had the opportunity to adopt this wonderful guy!

I am a volunteer with a local rescue organization. Through my volunteer work, I have learned there are not enough homes for all of the needy animals. Every story does not have a happy ending - like Calvin's.