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Dave & "Cooper"
Wash. Animal Rescue League

August 8, 2002

Hi, Allie & Adele Lee,

This is all about our dog "Cooper." We got him from the Washington Animal Rescue League,

We don't know much about his history, other than we got him when he was nine months old, and he was very shy and timid with people, and particularly afraid of hands and dog brushes (I can only imagine!). I knew he needed doggie school immediately, and we signed him up right away in the outdoor classes of Greenbelt Dog Training.

Since he was in the shelter for a month, he learned some bad habits regarding where to use the bathroom. He also was an aggressive chewer, and chewed up a few rugs and one pair of shoes.

You taught us how to reprimand him when he acts badly -- and it has been so effective and completely humane which is so important. He was housetrained (we also used a crate) within a few weeks, and after a few chewing incidents, he no longer chews (knock on wood) anything that is not his toy.

Your classes also helped him so much with socializing with people and other dogs. When we got him he was afraid of everyone. And, while he still has some problems, he really is adjusting well--and again--I think he is doing well thanks to your training program.

We are thinking about the intermediate program with you in the fall, but we want him to grow up a little. He is SUCH a great dog, and SUCH a joy to us--we can't thank you enough for your help!

Kim & Dave