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All about JADE

Written by: Janet, owner of JADE
(Janet is a Volunteer and does Fostering with ROXIE'S FUND.)

I rescued Jade at eight weeks old from ROXIE'S FUND. Jade was one of four little Rottweilers that were borne in rescue. Jade's mother had been abandoned and was heavily pregnant. ROXIE'S FUND took Jade's mom in, and we assisted her in the birth of her pups and cared for the mother and the puppies until they were weaned. Fortunately, we found a great home for the mother.

I started working on training with Jade from eight weeks old - on sit/stay commands, and then enrolled her in an obedience training class at three months old. Jade is a wonderful girl, she is very attentive, very easy to train as she is a little submissive and is extremely eager to please.

At 12 months old, I have enrolled Jade at the Greenbelt Dog Training School, into the intermediate class. Jade has only been socialized with my other three dogs and occasionally with foster dogs, but taking her to continued training classes enhances her socialization and training/obedience skills. I believe Jade has a high level of intelligence, and I wanted to expand her brain activity further to relieve any possible boredom she might experience with lack of social activity.

I chose Greenbelt Dog Training because I had taken my then three year old stubborn male Rottie there, and I was amazed at how he turned around through attending the basic and intermediate classes. Subsequently, I wanted to continue this method of training with all my dogs, as I have gained great success. Allie and Adele Lee are great, and they are genuinely committed to ensuring any dog/owner that attends their training class will receive the necessary training and support.