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Montgomery County Humane Society

Luka: A rescue dog
10 months old, male, Husky
Montgomery County Humane Society

Owner: Hilary

A year ago my dog Swifty was diagnosed with inoperable cancer. We kept her comfortable for about six months. Knowing that I couldn't save her was very painful. I finally realized that some dogs died just because someone couldn't take care of them and I decided that if I couldn't save Swifty, then I could save another dog. The day Swifty died there was an ad in the paper by Husky rescue of Montgomery County Humane Society . I called that day but I wasn't really ready to take on a new dog.

Swifty had taken me for a walk every day for the past couple of years and without her to motivate me I gained back the 15 pounds that I had lost in the past two years. My doctor said I really needed to loose the weight so when I got home from his office I called Husky rescue.

Luka has been a handful. I was under 40 the last time I had a dog this young (10 months). I knew he needed dog training. Every dog owner I had talked to had nice things to say about Greenbelt Dog Training. Once I was in class I knew why. Allie Lee's teaching style is part preacher and part drill instructor combining wisdom and humor with personnel attention and repetition.

When Luka arrived at his first class, he was wild and all over the people, the dogs, the entire room. As the weeks went on he settled down and it has become a joy to go walking with him. He is very insistent that we go every day of course, so I look forward to loosing some of those pounds.