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Washington Animal Rescue League

Maggie: A rescue dog
Female, 3 years old, Golden Retriever mix
Washington Animal Rescue League

Owner: Eleri and The Syverson Family

Maggie was adopted from the Washington DC Animal Rescue League in August, 2000. She was a friendly, energetic golden retriever mix. When we introduced Maggie to our family, she ran to the children. Soon Maggie and the children were in a heap on the floor, laughing and playing. We knew that Maggie was a good match for our family.

Maggie was a wonderful family dog, but she was always running around and knocking things over with her tail. She was so full of energy. She would chase anything in sight, so we always had to keep her on a tight leash. We enrolled her in a dog training class. She did well in the training, although she still had a few bad habits and her high energy level kept her in constant trouble.

Eventually we adopted another dog. Maggie loved our other dog and they played very well together. However over time we noticed that Maggie grew jealous. She became overly assertive. She would snap at our other dog if he came close to her while she was eating or chewing on a bone. We decided to take Maggie back to dog obedience classes. After having several friends and professionals recommend the program, we enrolled Maggie in Greenbelt Dog Training. Maggie soon responded to the training, the attention and the individual instructions concerning her behavior and she became a better-behaved, calmer dog.

We are pleased with the weekly sessions, which use positive reinforcement of good behavior. Maggie is a happy, well-behaved member of our family.

Thank you, Greenbelt Dog Training!