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"Molly" & her family
Westmoreland County Animal Shelter

Molly's Story
Westmoreland County Animal Shelter

Owner: Anna

We adopted Molly from the Westmoreland County Animal Shelter in Montross, Virginia, last December. She was about eight weeks old. We know that her mother is a Belgian Shepherd, Malinois, but her father is unknown. Molly had been at the shelter with her two brothers and two sisters. She was the smallest puppy at only seven pounds.

At first Molly was very shy and quiet but once we got her home and cleaned up, she was a changed puppy! She is very energetic now and loves to be the center of attention. Molly is very good with our small children but she doesn't know her own strength.

Molly has finished basic training at Greenbelt Dog Training and that has helped her a lot. Currently she is in the intermediate class. We know that she can only get better.