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Cocker Spaniel Adoption Center, Inc

Nowlin White
Cocker Spaniel Adoption Center
Breed: Terr-a-poo
Owners: Bill and Cheryl

I was adopted on March 12, 2005. My mom and dad were looking for a pal for Murphy so he wouldn't be at home alone by himself when mom and dad went out. They were looking for another cock-a-poo, but they ended up with something better, ME. I am part Norfolk terrier and poodle.

I was enrolled into Greenbelt Dog Training the day I came to join my family. My mom and I attended class the day they brought me home. She felt that I would need to learn manners and also how to behave as a good dog. I have to tell you, the training I received at Greenbelt Dog Training was a blessing. I knew I was going to have to live up to high standards when I met my "brother" Murphy. He is also pictured on the Rescue page. I didn't graduate from the basic training course with the highest grade, but my mom and I did a good job.

Now I am continuing training with the advanced class on Saturday mornings in the park. I love to train outside. I am hoping to join the Parade Drill Team in the future and hopefully earn the right to be part of the Special Therapy Group at Greenbelt and visit the sick children in hospitals and people in nursing homes. Mommie tells me that I have to continue with the training and follow what she tells me to do.

Thanks, mom and dad and Aunt Adele and Uncle Allie for allowing me to have a great life. I am glad that things turned out the way they did. I promise I will make you proud of me.