Presents a narrative about



"Punkin" & Janet
D.C. Animal Shelter

Written for Punkin as told to Janet

Hello, my name is Punkin (pronounced pun-kin). My human Mom's name is Janet. She's also my buddy, and I hope she feels the same way about me.

I came from the District of Columbia (the D.C. POUND) -- I'm sure you know of the place. They rescued me from a life of hurt to hopefully a "life of leisure". My human Mom says, "Not if I (meaning her) have anything to do with it."

The first thing Mom did was put me in obedience school-- in Basic obedience classes of all things! I sailed though the classes -- no big deal, I thought -- my Mom thinks otherwise. She says she had to do all the work -- AND LIKE IT!!! HELP! What's next: Intermediate classes? I guess time will tell.

Greenbelt Dog Training with Allie and Adele Lee is where I got my basic training. Now I have to "jump-to-it" whenever Mom gives a command. I can't ignore her anymore-- RATS!

Well, it's time for another "training session." Let's see if I can find a way out of it-- OOPS! Mom's got her finger of her right hand pointing to me, then to the leash, see you later! BYE