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"Rufus" and Jan
Lab Rescue of the Labrador Retriever Club of the Potomac

Rufus: A rescue dog
Four years old, male, Labrador Retriever
Lab Rescue of the Labrador Retriever Club of the Potomac

Owner: Jan

Rufus was a stray. He was found in rural Virginia in July 2003 with an electric fence collar around his neck. Lab Rescue took him in and he was transported to my house to be a foster dog. My 11-year-old lab had died two weeks earlier and I needed a dog in the house. I chose Rufus because he was laid back and mellow and about 4 years old-beyond puppy stage. He was overweight when I got him and had hot spots and thin fur. He was housetrained, walked reasonably well on a leash and was affectionate and friendly to all people, kids and other dogs. His one major flaw is that he bolts whenever he has an opportunity. That is what brought us to Allie and Adele Lee. I want Rufus to play on the playground, run on the beach and be an off leash dog.

Rufus graduated valedictorian from the Basic Obedience class. I am quite proud of him, and he enjoys being an honor student at Greenbelt Dog Training. Lessons have help Rufus and I act as a team, and for him to become more confident around other dogs. I think Rufus is having fun with the agility exercises in the Intermediate class.

When I see all the wild puppies at the basic classes, I reconfirm my good decision to get an older rescue dog.