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Rusty's Story
(GRREAT) Golden Retriever Rescue, Education & Training, Inc.

Owner: Maureen

Rusty spent the first 8 years of his life tied up in the backyard. He escaped and ended up in an animal shelter. He had no ID and when his owners were finally found they didn't want him back.

Golden Retriever Rescue (GRREAT) was contacted and took him into a foster home. Even thought he was almost 9 years old he was as full of energy as a young dog. He was also untrained and not housebroken. Rusty was adopted twice but returned almost immediately. No one that wanted to adopt an older dog could handle him. He also had a big problem with little dogs.

Rusty came to me as a foster dog and for some training. He had trouble with my cat and one of my mixed breed dogs so he ended up spending a lot of time crated. I was determined not to get attached to him since I already had 3 Golden Retrievers and a mixed breed plus 3 cats. I thought I would take him to basic obedience and get him adopted by a nice family who would work with him. Working with him in obedience was amazing. He was a quick learner and he thought heeling was fun. He liked being out with me but we still had some issues with small dogs. I took him to several adoption days but no one wanted a big old Golden Retriever that acted like he was 3.

After about 4 months I finally gave in and adopted him myself. It was a GRREAT decision on my part. We continued with obedience training and started doing tracking, fieldwork and freestyle. In a little over 3 years Rusty has gotten 3 obedience titles and 2 freestyle titles. We are still working on more complex obedience and freestyle exercises. He is a fun dog and so willing to work.

What a shame that Rusty had to wait so long to do all those fun things.