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Mid-Atlantic German Shepherd Rescue

Samson's Story

Samson is a gentle giant of a German Shepherd Dog. At 130 pounds he is well above the AKC standard of 75-95 pounds, but he is a full-blooded GSD. He was owned by a family who got him as a puppy. He never had any formal training but he had good manners-didn't jump on people, didn't get on the furniture, came when called, didn't pull on the lead. He wasn't much trouble and as the years passed and the children in the family got older and left home, Samson was left alone a lot, almost forgotten at times. The family detached from Samson but Samson was still deeply attached to them. Being left alone and ignored caused him a lot of stress and he started showing signs of separation anxiety. After several accidents in the house, his family decided to have him euthanized before they left on vacation. Even though he was eight years old he was in good health so the vet refused to euthanize Samson. He told the owners to contact MID-ATLANTIC GERMAN SHEPHERD RESCUE (MAGSR) if they didn't want him any more.

MAGSR, fearing that the family would abandon him, took him right away, even though they had no foster home available for him. They had Samson neutered and placed him in a kennel while they looked for a family to foster him or adopt him but takers were scarce because of his size and age. He stayed at the kennel for six weeks where he refused to eat and grieved the loss of the only family he had ever known. Finally he was fostered and later adopted by a couple who had just lost their beloved dog to kidney failure. In his new family Samson got lots of attention and was rarely left alone. He bonded with this new family quickly and they fell in love with him.

They enrolled him in basic obedience training at Greenbelt Dog Training and his proud new family are quick to point out that he was the oldest dog and the biggest dog in the class and he got the highest score in the basic obedience class. Samson earned his AKC Canine Good Citizen certificate and was certified by Pets on Wheels as a therapy dog. He gave many hours of service visiting nursing homes and schools. He continues to attend Intermediate/advanced classes and parade drill team practice because he enjoys the obedience and agility work and his family credit it with keeping this 11-year-old dog young and active.