Presents a narrative about

Lora and "Sassy"
Florida Poodle Rescue

Sassy's Story
Mossberg's Crimson Sassy-Max was born in March of 1998
Florida Poodle Rescue
Owner: Lora

By the age of two, she was being used as a back yard breeder in Clinton, Mississippi. In June of 2000 when she was rescued by being bought for $500, she had spent nine months outside with a male poodle. She had a litter of eleven puppies. She was nursing her puppies with the seven, not eight, nipples that she was born with. Her puppies were two months old and Sassy weighed 35lbs and had open sores on her back and all four legs. Her coat was dry and filthy and she was infested with worms. She was starved for attention and feared being alone. Once rescued, she would not go outside by herself.

Her rescuers and heroes, the Mullens family, saved her life but three weeks later were unable to keep her due to a military transfer to Alaska. Thankfully they found the Florida Poodle Rescue based in Clearwater, Florida. Through this organization a new owner was found. This person is Sassy's current owner and is committed to caring for her for the rest of Sassy's life.

Shortly after Sassy arrived at her new home her new owner had her spayed, her teeth cleaned, and a malignant lump removed from her neck. Sassy tested positive for Lyme disease but did not have heartworms. Due to a perceived blood-clotting problem after her operation, she was given a shot of vitamin K. She immediately went into anaphylactic shock. She lay dying in the vet's office with her new owner by her side. Thankfully, and with dedicated effort, the vet was able to bring her back to the living.

Today in August 2003, Sassy weighs 50lbs. She has visited the beach, run through open fields, taken long hikes in the woods, and traveled by car to places like Maine and Michigan. She shares her home with another female standard poodle, Flo. Initially it took five months of patient attempts by Flo, and now Sassy joyfully plays with her: tugging on ears, nibbling on legs, and knock-down, drag-out "face fights" while lying on the bed.

Sassy quickly picked up on the proper behaviors that her AKC Obedience, Novice Titled, sister exhibits. Sassy is well mannered and eager to please. She has a truly affectionate and comical character. She goes outside on her own and her confidence and courage are a marvel to her owner.

Sassy graduated at the top of her Greenbelt Dog Training Basic Obedience Class in June 2003. She marched in her first parade with Greenbelt Dog Training on Labor Day 2003. She was awarded the AKC Canine Good Citizen certificate in October 2003. Sassy is continuing her training with Greenbelt Dog Training in the Intermediate Class.

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