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Kirby and "Maizy"
Prince Georges County Animal Shelter

Narrative for "MAIZY"
As told my her owner, 15 year old, Kirby.

Well, I've wanted a dog since I was five years old and this Christmas my mom finally decided that I was old enough and had enough responsibility to take care of a dog. So on the Monday after Christmas we went to the Prince Georges County Animal Shelter to pick out our dog.

When we saw Maizy we just fell in love. She was sitting so sweetly near the door of her cage like she was expecting us, and she was the only dog there that wasn't barking like crazy. We were told that they found her as a stray near the barn where I ride horses.

We took her home about two weeks later, and she was a little more than we expected. Every time mom tried to vacuum she would start barking like crazy. She also liked to jump up and scratch and nip at my younger brothers. Even though she seemed comfortable and happy at our house right away, we noticed that our neighbors were afraid to come over because of our ill-behaved but friendly large puppy. At that time my mom saw a bumper sticker for Greenbelt Dog Training and looked up the number in the phone book.

During the first few basic obedience classes, Maizy was resisting my commands. "Uncle Allie" said that because I was consistent and patient he could see that Maizy was responding to my commands more willingly. At the graduation class I was told to stand up as the class applauded and seemed pleased that a teenager was dedicated and serious enough to complete the training course and graduate.