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Allie and Adele Lee are exemplary citizens in their personal and professional commitment to dogs, their owners, and their surrounding community.

I became aware of Greenbelt Dog Training through a friend whose Australian Shepherd rescue had gone through a significant transformation from a malnourished and aggressive animal to recently winning his novice obedience title. Having attended classes weekly over several months, I can say with all candor that Allie Lee is a knowledgeable, caring expert concerned with what is in the best interests of dogs and their owners, alike. There is never physical abuse or shouting, each question and concern is handled with the same professionalism and care, and the sense of community it fosters in the students is self-evident.

Allie and Adele also encourage animals and their owners to give back to the community, whether through their award-winning participation in local parades or providing therapy services at Children's Hospital, area nursing homes, and other needs as they arise.

And students have reason to feel good about their tuition dollars because the Lees' commitment to affordable dog training means they maximize local low-cost resources like firehouses and other public spaces, reserving a portion of the savings for a charitable donation to the surrounding community.

I am a local elected official who is eager to find appropriately affordable space for Greenbelt Dog Training in my town. Its important to me, not just because GDT provides such excellent training, but because Allie and Adele Lee represent the kind of business and people I value and support.

Ken Goldsmith

Kensington Town Council Member 2005-2007

Dear Allie & Adele:

I cannot begin to THANK YOU for the knowledge you have shared with us during training sessions. Our Dixie (4 yrs old. Jack Russell/ Miniature Poodle-with lots of Jack Russell Attitude! ) and Sasha (1 yr. old Long hair Dachshund /Border collie) are both rescue dogs with ISSUES.

I only wish I had known about your classes when we first got Dixie 2-1/2 yrs. ago. Dixie has taken obedience classes with a large chain store in the past and it did very little to help her aggressive behavior. Sasha was 6 months old when she took your classes and she has done wonderfully!

I realize how much your classes worked during the 4th week of training when my husband was not home to take our afternoon doggie walk. It was such a beautiful day that I decided to take both girls out at the same time (I hoped they would not rip my arms out of the sockets ). Lo and Behold they walked side by side NO PULLING!! I even dared to say "stand" and they stood. I even dared say "SIT" they sat in unison! Joe and I use to come home after classes and laugh and say "doggie boot camp had been hell". It was certainly worth all the work.

Allie, you have an incredible God given gift. Thank you for sharing it and making our lives with our furry children much more pleasurable.

Big Hugs to both of you,

Carmen F. Camacho
Vice President Bud Miller Associates Inc.

Chair 2005-2006
Greater Silver Spring Chamber of Commerce

March 13, 2006

Dear Allie & Adele,

Yesterday was a joyful "oasis" day for me that was so special that for years to come I know looking back on it will bring a smile. I am so thrilled that "Leonardo" and I not only had the opportunity, but were also ready to be in the St. Patrick's Day Parade yesterday (what a doozie for a first parade!), when just a few months ago I was in such despair about his behavior and my lack of knowledge of how to address it. Back then I had wondered whether or not we could ever simply have a "normal" walk around the lake or even a sidewalk without "Leonardo" showing aggressive behavior toward passing dogs and sometimes people . . . and now, yesterday, we were in a PARADE with other dogs !!!

You folks have literally been an answer to prayer and have had a huge impact on our lives. THANK YOU. I believe "Leonardo" has a lot of potential, and it is a true delight to see the progress he has made. I know we still have a ways to go with socialization and other fear behaviors (i.e. of sticks) that are not as problematic as the aggression, but believe they are improving and will continue to improve. I certainly want to keep working in that direction.

Thanks again for all you have done for us-- your teaching, patience, receptiveness to phoned in questions, etc. . . AND a wonderful day at a parade!

Diane & "Leonardo" (paw print)

Note: "Leonardo" is an adopted, older dog, (Rat Terrier mix?) who was rescued by the ASPCA three years ago from a very abusive situation and is working to overcome fear aggression/post traumatic stress syndrome. He completed basic obedience training at Greenbelt Dog Training in February and had only THREE Intermediate classes prior to the parade. He attended several "parade practice" sessions and qualified to participate in his first parade with the Marching Drill Team down Constitution Avenue, in Washington, DC.